Distortion festival 1st June 2017, Vesterbro, second day, Danish Nazi spies used chemical castration and cops to irritate me

On Thursday, June 1st 2017, Danish Nazi spies made chemical castration against me again, I suppose while I was sleeping, they poisoned my mineral water, I think I got small pain in testicles after I took the water when I woke up. The whole day I didn’t feel my penis when I was going to toilet, in the evening I checked if I am wrong, and I was correct, I tried to masturbate and my penis was becoming small very fast several times. Thursday and Friday my penis and testicles are smaller, but to keep it, they must poison me every day, possibly they poisoned me just one day, to show me that my visit to doctor and blood test will not help me anything against them.
Beside it, I have still problem with the blood problems in my head, although I don’t have strong pain like before 3 weeks, but I have strong short spinning in my head.
Marie from Den Sorte Gryde is still spying a Danish (married) woman who was interested for me before 2 months, but she changed opinion because she was spied by Marie and others. She tried to escape with “just being interested to help”, but now she must refuse even to speak with me. They spied her 2 months each time I spoke with her, spies were coming to control Danish woman, even sissy criminal sent their spies to speak with her all the time, to destroy her marriage if she likes immigrants. Criminals continue to do shit to Danish women who like immigrants, they followed her 100% to collect information about her and they can set up their prostitutes to her husband (to destroy her marriage). I warned her that criminals spy her, so, she understood they can misuse social workers for their needs (and set her up to be arrested, I would say), but they can also destroy her marriage to kiss secret service agents in the ass, the same as they did when they recruited the bitch sisters from Rosenorns Alle before 2-3 years, they did it to prevent immigrants to enjoy with Danish women, to keep Denmark ethnically clean, and to kiss PET agents in the ass to get balls to sell drugs.
PET Nazi agents and their criminals continue to prevent immigrants to have sex with Danish women, and they will destroy the marriage of women who has sex with the immigrants. Marrie was the main snitch to inform them, after that they started to send sissy angels and their spies to her, to destroy her marriage or to set her up to be arrested if she dares to like immigrants. Now she decided to be as they want from her to be, and she has no interest in me.
That’s the result of racism, they spy Danish women and they use chemical castration to stop immigrants to enjoy with Danish women.
I suppose they used chemical castration during the festival because many women are drunk and can get sex with me, on the other side, chemical castration is also used to produce an attack, I felt the whole morning irritated without reason and they sent cops to follow me, in civilian and in police clothes. The cops were activated to bully immigrants and produce an attack against the Danes. Shortly, they poisoned me and they sent cops to follow me every meter, if I attack people, they can shoot me and close my mouth, they don’t have any interest to make a court process where I would speak what they do.
I don’t believe it was just an accident: poisoning and sending cops in the same day. They plan everything and there is no accident.

So, back to the festival… the second day in Vesterbro, I was followed by the cops, before Distortion and during Distortion. They were standing all the time near to me, in civilian clothes. I was correct about bottle collectors, the police and PET agents sent their snitches to collect bottles also, and they followed me where I go, to prevent that I take bottles. Of course, they saw I don’t take bottles and they stopped to fly around me. After that I was just followed by the cops. The first thing I saw, 6pm was already 2 hours of the music, but many stages were empty, with a small crowd. I was surprised. The first DJ was at the Vesterbro Nabopark, beside the fuel station, the music had good rhythm, but just 10 people were there. The second stage, Bevtoftgade was the similar case, 40 people. There I could take bottles but didn’t want to do it. Collecting bottles is the result of racism. White Danes enjoy while Romanians and Africans collect bottles. Nazi Rasmussen and his spies widespread racism in society with the help of the fake, racist, bribed Oversight. Then I came to Sondern Boulevard and there were thousands of people. Every stage had a lot of visitors, the same as the stages in Dybbølsgade, but many stages in small streets were again empty. One DJ had just 7-8 people beside the stage, they were dancing, but the crowd was not coming, the music was okay, not some shit. All people stayed in 3 main streets: Sondern Boulevard, Dybbølsgade and Istedgade. The rest was empty. In 2016, even small streets were full with the people, this year, only 3 main streets were full. Litauens Plads was also full, it belonged to the Red Bull Music Academy, they brought also DJs from Sweden and the US.

Typical pissing on the pavement and naked vagina was visible in Istedgade but not in other streets, in the Boulevard all people were waiting in front of mobile toilets and behaved normal. At least 3 stages had typical disco music for teenagers, not really techno, but the crowd of teens were there to sing and enjoy, they had a good crowd, even for me, such music is typical childish and worse than techno, some bullshit changed voice. But they like it and when they are drunk, it doesn’t matter how much the music is good. The point is to get drunk and speak the whole month about it. In the end, better to speak about “how they got drunk” than to gossip other people or to hate immigrants. In Istedgade, a snitch was standing beside me, and one man came from the crowd doing some stupid dick jokes with 2 women sitting on the stairs, but they were Lesbian and they use any chance to hate and attack men, one of them took a full can of beer and hit him in the face, it was good and strong hit. Snitch was calming him down and went to follow him later, even the woman was aggressive and he just made a stupid joke. He didn’t attack them in order to get hit in the face. But Danish spies are pussies and they kiss women in the ass, women have the right to attack. Men became like women, soft and stupid, and women became like men, aggressive. There are normal lesbian but there are and those who are full of hate, if you just look like men, they will hate you, therefore, the women should be equal with the men, including about the fight, if you can kick the man, you can kick the woman, there should be no difference. She has tits, I don’t care, tits can do shit the same as penis, both should be beaten if they do shit, there should be no difference, especially in the EU where women became aggressive the same as men. There is no reason to be a gentleman when somebody attacks you. In any case, snitch went to follow him, another one came into his place (he was eating sandwich, the last clip in the video below). I was lucky to find again a small stage with rock and metal music in Istedgade, Motorhead, RATM, Guns n’ Roses, Bistie Boys, etc. The only bad thing were cops who stayed there 30 minutes because of some dead drunk girl.

After the festival, on my way to sleep, I was again followed by military spies, this Friday morning against they sent 5 fake fishermen, so, I recorded them, they are participating in manufacturing terrorism and criminality in Denmark and they hide it from society. I will publish their faces when I edit all video clips with snitches.