Trump will meet Danish PM Rasmussen 9 p.m., small Denmark is unimportant to the US

Last days, Danish Nazi spies continue with provocations. They dressed themselves 2 days like criminals, just criminals don’t know what bus station I go out in order to position spies there. Nazi spies are without a brain. They brought back this morning and military spies just not in so big number as in the past. They continue to use their snitches to take bottles at the university. All of that they do to irritate me, to produce security problem from/about me and to manufacture the case against me.
Beside it, I see on displays, in the public transport, racist disinformation spread by journalists working for the secret service. They show the video of Africans in Stengade 50 and write that illegal immigrants are coming to Denmark and sleep in public places, but those Africans got Italian papers before they came to Denmark. They are not illegal. The PET Nazi spies are misusing their media to produce fear about immigrants and to justify the Gov repression against immigrants.

These days Danish Prime Minister visits the USA, Trump will meet with him 9 p.m. today, that’s how much importance he got from Trump. Trump remembers that beside Merkel and Hollande, Rasmussen was also openly against Trump and we will see what will happen. In the end, Denmark needs America more than America needs Denmark.

I believe the CIA gave advises to Rasmussen to irritate Trump, then they will produce a media campaign against him, Rasmussen will play a role of the much more important country than DK is in reality and he will give to Trump lectures about ecology. This is the first meeting and it is counterproductive to give lectures to Trump, but Rasmussen will do it to make the CIA happy.

To make DK more important, Rasmussen will also represent him economic statistics, but such statistics is more in favor of the US than of Denmark (Danish annual export 15B Eur to the US), it is clear that Trump will ignore it, the USA is a big guy and DK is a small guy, and a small guy was openly against Trump. Trump was cold with much bigger Germany, I believe he will be even worse with Rasmussen. The CIA will try to misuse it to make a negative media picture about Trump.

Of course, Rasmussen will try to play on a card of fighting terrorism and he will order a lot of weapons from Lockheed Martin (USD 7 billion), but we will see if Trump favorize CIA/DOD from military industry that makes media campaign against him. Rasmussen order weapons to get money from Lockheed Martin in his secret bank account in Monaco/LU/CH, the fight against terrorism is the story for small children, Rasmussen (Merkel/Hollande) and Lockheed Martin manufacture terrorism and war. But it is a Trump decision if he will let them to make money from terrorism and war or he will stop them to make dirty wars. I think Trump will let them, he wants to be busy with making better economy inside of the US, he left wars to the DOD and the CIA, he gave up from fighting against them, but they are still making media propaganda against him even he gave them positions in state departments. I believe they will try to kill him and produce chaos under their control. Rasmussen knows that and he doesn’t care if Trump will get angry or not. Rasmussen, Merkel and Hollande are on the paid list of the CIA/DOD, terrorist cases pop up again in these countries like mushrooms from the moment Trump gave them positions in state departments. Last several days, Danish prosecutor started again to arrest people for terrorism. They continue the same as before Trump was elected.