Trump and his Republicans will investigate how USAID spends money, the CIA monkeys from the US military industry continue to create terrorist cases in Europe

There is good news, Trump and his Republicans will investigate how USAID spends money. USAID finance those who fight to change regimes that are against America (through George Soros and similar), but they also corrupt politicians to destabilize some country, as they do in the last period in Macedonia. The CIA monkeys from the US military industry can use USAID to finance Albanians to destabilize the whole Balkan, in that way, the CIA monkeys profit from the war. Of course, Trump and Republicans see USAID and Soros as leftists, that’s bullshit, they are liberal capitalists, they are hated by all fascists but also by true leftists. Liberal capitalists created global capitalism and transnational companies and wars, to secure their business. But fascists like to call them leftists. Even the Danish Venstre party means the Leftist Party but they are liberals, they don’t have anything to do with socialism. Occupy protests were against corporations, against liberal capitalism, occupy was with leftist ideas. In any case, socialists and fascists are against liberal capitalism, just fascists see liberals as leftists. In any case, it is good that Trump and Republicans will fuck up USAID and the financing of the CIA puppets in other countries.

There are and bad news, the CIA monkeys from the US military industry continue to create terrorist cases in Europe, with the help of corrupted politicians and the heads of intelligence In Belgium, France, Germany, Denmark. French spies harassed one Muslim to push him to hate France and kill people. He sized weapon from female police officer at the airport and was threatening others, then they shot him. The same attacker had injured a police officer in the northern Paris suburb earlier. The shooting occurred after a police patrol had pulled over the man’s car for an ID check. Obviously spies made him poor, he became criminal and injured them at the ID check, to escape from the arrest, then he tried to use the airport to escape from France but for some reasons he took a gun from a female officer there. Danish spies also made me poor and tried to set me up in a food-store to get me arrested. The same schema like in France with this man, they shot him to close his mouth, but I don’t think he understood that all problems he got, it was created by spies. Not all people are politically educated and not all of them can recognize the work of Nazi spies: destroying life of immigrants and pushing them to kill, with the aim to make repression against the whole society and profit from that. Terrorism, insecurity and repression became a profitable business. If spies want to make repression against students, they send criminals to break the building or they produce an attack at the university and then they impose repression “to save students from criminals and terrorists”. Danish spies started to bring to the Uni their security companies and network admins already in Sept.2014, now they produce an attack, murder, to impose even bigger control of students + they get money from Ane Maersk Uggla to keep me in the prison many years, so, they must sacrifice one snitch, the bitch from Rosenorns Alle or some snitch at the Uni.
Therefore, the whole week, Danish spies misuse their snitches in Dalgas Have to wait for me to make a problem for me. Friday evening, one bitch finally came out from her office, to ask me what I am doing while I was taking bottles. She kept the door open to hear when I take bottles and she was out of her office more than 5 times in last 3 days, every time I visit ground floor, she came out from her office. I fucked her off in a nice way, I know she would never get a job at the University if she didn’t kiss Nazi spies in the ass. Her name is Lise Balslev. She came to kiss Nazis in the ass, instead to work her job, she makes herself busy with immigrants, the same as the Germans made themselves busy with the Jews, to kiss Hitler and Gestapo in the ass and get career and money. She gets a salary for nothing, students are not coming to her office for a consultation or anything, she should give them information about studying of Master of management development (admission, financing, etc). Even two of them are in the office and possibly they play games on the computer the whole day. Later I saw another bitch waiting in the classroom that I come, but she was not there when I came back from exchanging bottles. I prepared knife for her, and I can open the door with my jacket, then my fingerprints and DNA will not be there. But she was not there any more. In any case, Friday evening, spies were near to the production of murder at the university. They brought also and new betjente/workers, they do everything to produce attacks.

The most comic thing is when spies follow me in food-stores, they watch how much money I take from bottles and they get a pain in the ass. This week I took 2 days more than 100 dkk each day and the rest was about 80 dkk each day. They misuse their job for racism against immigrants.

This Saturday morning, Lars Johan Findsen (FE-DDIS) sent 3-4 spies beside the house I sleep, and 6 beside Skredderholmen bridge, their purpose was to spy, maybe some mole gave them some information, they think somebody will meet with me. Friday morning Findsen sent 30 spies at the bridge, not to spy than to steal the money from the budget and to irritate me, to push me to hate and kill. As I said, the whole week they used employees in Dalgas Have to wait for me and follow me about bottles, again, to produce an attack and to push me to stay without money and to steal, to set me up the cops. Thursday and Wednesday were the same case just the only difference is that in the last days they used again chemical castration, I suppose it was the night between Thursday and Friday, possibly they drugged me, came inside of the house and poisoned my mineral water. Irritation, provocations + chemical castration = suicide and murder. That’s how they manufacture murder and terrorism.

Here are video clips of chicken spies who come to the plate, to be recorded, the last 2-3 days. Their faces should be public, in the case of the war with Russia, their faces (style, dressing) will be known to the Russians. The only problem will be the mole, in the case of the war.