Thomas Ahrenkiel and his Minister of Defence Claus Hjort Frederiksen continue to manufacture terrorism or murder of and insecurity for Danish citizens

Sunday evening, Danish Nazi spies sent their fake Muslims to follow me, and again they pretended they will drive cars on me.
During the night, while I was sleeping, Nazi military pussy spies drugged me, I had problem to wake up and today the whole day I hardly kept my eyes open, even I slept 8 hours.

Today, Monday, in the morning they sent military Nazis to follow me around Sjællandsbroen, and later in the city they sent police snitches. Afternoon students in Dalgas Have, 50 of them were sent in the halls and classrooms, in the evening, police snitches again. In the library, I saw again PET bottle collector. All together, they stole today from the budget 50 000 dkk. They make themselves rich by sending million spies, beside stealing the money, they provoke me to attack Danish citizens. It means they continue to finance Pernille Skipper and other Nazi members of the Oversight. In the case they make me crazy with some gas and irritation, I have to decide who will be my target.