This morning crowd of Danish military Nazi spies came on the plate like chicken, to be recorded, they continue to serve Maersk and the CIA

Saturday evening and Sunday, Danish Nazi spies sent their fake Muslims to follow me, they corrupt Arabs to spy Muslims, they use them also to manufacture terrorism, as they did in the case of Omar and the teenage girl in Kungby. Those who follow me, they work for Nazi spies and they convince people to kill Jews.

Saturday I slept in the salvation army place, still many police spies occupy places for immigrants. Today I will go to check if Nazi spies brought back my sleeping bag and tent they stole on Friday…

The last night I slept in the nature and this Monday morning, Nazi military spies sent crowd of their toadies who steal money from the budget. Therefore, I stopped my bike, to record them. They come like chicken on the plate, for my camera. They come also to help to their chief (Lars Johan Findsen) to take money from Maersk family, and he let them steal some money from the budget. Danish military intelligence is part of financial mafia, they make economic espionage abroad, to supply Danish billionaires with information and analysis, to make them richer, they get corrupted to do it. The CIA and NSA are doing the same thing. They don’t have anything to do with society, they are the spying agency of billionaires, financed from the budget, from society. Therefore, they don’t have any problem to steal the money from society and to help to their chief to serve Maersk family and take money from them. Now I finally read the news that Thomas Ahrenkiel was the head of military spies 2010-2015, and since Dec. 2015, it is Lars Johan Findsen, Thomas got the job of Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Defense. But it doesn’t matter so much, both are serving colonial interests of Maersk family, together with Claus Hjort Frederiksen, just now they took more money from the CIA and Maersk is No2, the CIA i.e. Lockheed Martin is No1. They profit more from the CIA companies than from Maersk. Considering military spies do shit to me one and half year, Lars Johan Findsen is the person who manufacture terrorism or murder and he tried to push me to attack the bitch from Rosenorns Alle (he sent spies with motorcycles to pretend they are hells angels and driving girls who were supposed to be with me, to irritate me, to produce conflict between me and criminals and to push me to attack bitches). He is living in Charlottenlund, there are living financial criminals. It is also important to say that before one and half year Lars didn’t have any other reason to spy me and to do shit to me than to kiss in ass Ane Maersk Uggla, for money, if he found any proof against me, it is from before several months, they can find some reason to do shit to me, but the real reason is he took the money from Ane more than a year ago, to keep me many years in the prison, therefore, his spies got a job to push me and to poison me witht he aim to produce the attack, they want to sacrify the bitch from Rosenorns Alle. And they have the support from the Oversight of Intelligence and from the parliamentary committee for the Oversight, that’s the result of the bribe, spies created fake Oversight. Ane Maersk Uggla and the CIA are behind their doing shit to me, behind manufacturing murder or terrorism.

In any case, they can also misuse their spying apparatus to make the war propaganda, for example against Russia, they can misuse their spying equipment to spy Russia too. Their spying is the part of colonial politics. Therefore, beside video and photos of spies, I am publishing today and videos from YouTube about military spies. Even if the FSB is making money from drugs in Denmark and must be good for Danish spies, the Russian GRU should collect information about each NATO country. The comic thing is that the Danish military intelligence headquarter (Forsvarets Efterretningstjeneste, Kastellet 30, DK-2100 Copenhagen) is included in tourist guides, so, there are a lot of information online. Only Danish spies can be so stupid to make a tourist place from military spy’s HQ. They even gave a flat to the Prime Minister in a tourist street. There is a Russian church 50m from the PM and another church 200m, the Kastellet is also 200m from the Russian church. The Russian church is perfect for implementation of spying equipment, but the Russian church is infiltrated by Danish spies who became orthodox, they control Russian church secretly. Only if the Russians make some hidden wall, they can hide spying equipment in the church. They could spy very easy and the PM and the head of military intelligence, when Denmark and NATO attack Russia. The problem is the mole in embassy and sold FSB.

I continue also to fuck up BIA and CIA spies at the Facebook, I attack their political parties, political beliefs, etc. They infiltrated my Facebook profile or they started to kiss in ass spies to profit with speaking shit to me. Even those whom I know whole my life, they can be activated by spies to work against me, usually those from privileged families, they are working for the secret service against anyone. It was not visible when we were young, but now we are not young anymore and they show their true face when you speak against political parties, against spies, against the government. In the case Danish Nazis succeed to send me back to Serbia, I must know who are my fake friends who will infiltrate my life, to profit. I will not give them time for infiltration, I have my plans what I will do in the case of being sent back, to make revenge. I can sit in the prison until Serbia becomes a member of the EU in 2020, then there will be no more borders, and I will be able to come back to Denmark to make my revenge. I don’t hurry up anywhere, my enemies are young, they will be alive many years and I can make revenge in the future, if not today. If they deport me, they will not stop me.

Here are military spies from this Monday morning, and videos of Danish military HQ, their military kaserne is located south from the city, Skydebanevej 12B, Dragor, their hacker unit is located in the east part of the city: “Center for cybersecurity”, Forsvarets Efterretningstjeneste, Østbanegade 83, 2100 Copenhagen Ø. They even published all their locations. Amateurs.