The CIA/DOD lunatics made one more war crime in Yemen, killing even kids, Nawar Awlaki among others

To make a media campaign against Trump, about his unsuccessful fight against terrorism, the CIA monkeys sent a Navy SEAL team to Yemen, to kill kids, to die and to shoot Yemenis, even donkeys.

The CIA monkeys sell arms to the Saudis that attack Yemen, but beside it, they sent a SEAL team to make a raid in Yemen on January 29, 2017, to blame Trump for the unsuccessful action against “terrorists”. Trump trusted them and signed permission for the raid, they killed everything alive in the village al Ghayil, even 120 goats, donkeys and sheep.

I suppose, Navy SEALs took LSD and saw donkeys as monsters.

They killed and 13-year-old Nasser al Dhahab. 30-year-old Fatim Saleh Mohsen, decided to flee the bombardment. Grabbing her 18-month-old son and ushering her terrified children into the narrow outdoor passageway between the tightly packed dwellings, she headed into the open. She was shot and her head was split and her baby wounded, 6 more women were killed. This SEAL raid left 10 children under the age of 13 dead. Nesma al Ameri lost 4 members of her family in this raid.

When the U.S. Navy SEALs flew into al Ghayil in the early hours of January 29 – a deliberately chosen moonless night – local armed tribesmen assumed the Houthis had arrived to capture their village. After the firefight started, some of the men who ran to defend their families and homes saw colored lasers emanating from the weapons of their opponents, raising suspicions they might be facing Americans. Shortly after the firefight erupted, Chief Petty Officer William “Ryan” Owens was shot by a bullet that hit just above his armored chest plate and entered his heart, Owens died shortly after he was hit. Troops from the United Arab Emirates – leading players in the coalition’s two-year fight against the Houthis – also took part in the raid and might have been involved in flying the helicopters that fired on civilians. Dozens of UAE Apache gunships are currently stationed in Emirati-run military bases across Yemen. With one Navy SEAL dead and two others seriously wounded, the special operations forces began to withdraw.

Some men in the surrounding villages grabbed their weapons and ran to help defend their neighbors when they heard the sound of a battle unfolding, according to residents.

This is not the first time that Americans kill civilians and they will not be imprisoned for the war crimes. In December 2013, a drone stroked on a wedding convoy and killed 12 civilians. The groom, Abdallah al Ameri, survived that attack.

An eight-year-old girl, Nawar al-Awlaki, was killed in the raid, according to her family. Nawar, also known as Nora, is the daughter of the “al-Qaida propagandist” (he never planned or attacked anyone) and American citizen Anwar al-Awlaki, who spoke against American colonist politics. Anwar was killed in a September 2011 US drone strike in Yemen, after they made propaganda against him, to convince people that he is a terrorist. The CIA monkeys made revenge against his family also, Awlaki’s 16-year-old son Abdulrahman was killed in a second drone strike soon afterwards. On Jan 29, 2017, his daughter Nawar, 8 year old, was killed too. Nawar, who was staying at the house with her mother, was shot in the neck and died two hours later. “Brave LSD American soldiers”. Killing 8 year old is “very brave”. The grandfather of this girl, Nasser al-Awlaki said: “I cannot understand why the Americans use this big commando strike, which is similar to what happened to Osama bin Laden, in a small village in Yemen.”

Logically, it is visible that this action was done by the CIA and DOD that manage private arms industry, to make propaganda against Trump, but also to create from Yemen a formal battlefield for US forces, alongside Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, in the name of profit. It is the best visible in Afghanistan. Americans sell arms to Afghan forces, but don’t help them. In that way they prolong the war and give a chance to the Taliban to recapture some territory, again, to prolong the war and sell more arms to Afghans. The CIA monkeys have no interest to stop the war, to make the peace. The CIA/DOD monkeys want to get permission to expand authorities and intensify operations, to make money from the war, rather than to just make one-off raids or drone strikes. To achieve that, every anti-colonist person will be represented in the media as a big terrorist and they will send 300 soldiers to shoot 120 goats and donkeys. Then they will give statements like this for the media:

For this 2017 war crime, Col John Thomas, a spokesman for central command, said in the statement: “Al-Qa’ida in the Arabian Peninsula has a horrifying history of hiding women and children within militant operating areas and terrorist camps, and continuously shows a callous disregard for innocent lives.

Check this photo, this is the village, does it looks like Al Qaeda camp?