The analyze of Theresa May statement after the terrorist attack 3rd June 2017 in London

Theresa May speech, after the 3rd June Saturday attack on the bridge with the van and knives, shows 4 important things:

She cheats people that the attackers killed people because of (ISIS) ideology, but they attacked because of the revenge for killing Muslims. Atheists can make revenge, not only Muslims.

She makes her British values above ideology of Muslims, there is no such thing as the Muslim ideology, it is bla bla of colonial racists. She makes British values superior comparing with other cultures. That’s colonial racism … and propaganda, to get votes at the coming elections, she knows that million Brits hate Tony Blair because of the war in Iraq, Britain has very strong anti-war consciousness among ordinary people who don’t work for the Gov. There were 100 000 Brits protesting against aggression on Iraq in 2003. She tries to save her ass after terrorist attacks, many Brits are not stupid and they will hate her because of the war, but she cares about profit for the riches, she doesn’t give a shit for opinion of the Brits except in the year of elections. As I see, on Thursday are elections, 8th June each of the 650 parliamentary constituencies will elect one Member of Parliament (MP) to the House of Commons, the lower house of Parliament.

Her speech also shows that she will continue to make profit for the rich people i.e. she will continue to bomb Iraq and other countries, she turns thesis, first come colonialism after that come terrorism, she tried to say that first come terrorism and after that colonial politics, she misuses terrorism to justify attacks against the other countries. In any case, her speech was a message for British rich people, she will not give up from conquering other countries and they will continue to profit despite of victims in Britain.

To fight terrorism, she wants bigger repression against society (spying, etc) and “people should be united behind the government when the Gov abolish freedoms (workers and civil rights)”. This is the exact reason Lockheed Martin, the CIA, Theresa May and her spies bullied and maybe even poisoned Muslims to push them to kill.
She misuses terrorism to justify not only colonialism, then the bigger repression against Brits. Muslims who want revenge are not 99% of Brits in order to spy the whole society, but again, there is no reason to make bla bla, they manufactured these attacks, of course, they will misuse these attacks. So simple. Theresa represents riches and their interests, she doesn’t give a shit for the middle class and poor Brits.

All in all, her speech was classic political speech, she is not touched by the death of the people. I don’t say politicians must cry, but her speech is typical political speech, the way how she speaks, and the points she makes in her speech. If rich people are killed, I am sure, she would cry 3 days, to show to her sponsors how much she is sorry if anything happens to them. Here is my picture comment about terrorist attack on 3rd June:

terrorism misused to create a totalitarian state

The cops arrested 12 people on Sunday, obviously they found contacts in phones and they arrest any friends of those attackers, then they will question them and surely many if not all will be free. The cops don’t have a chance to catch those who made these people hot to kill, those who were employed by the secret service under the command of Theresa May and Lockheed Martin (Rumsfeld, CIA, etc). Colonial politics will continue, the war and terrorism as a business will continue, more and more attacks will happen and people will die, in London and in Kabul/Tripoli/Baghdad… Rumsfeld, Cheney, Kellog, McCain are laughing, they succeeded to make business as they wanted.

Here is what Pilger says about Manchester attack: