Still I can’t create political movement because of spies and they also push me to spend money

It looks I will have to spend money to go to Bosnia or some other country to find people who will sign creation of NGO together with me. I visited last night a former school, there are 20 Roma families, they told me to come 11 am today to find people who will sign, and when I came there, one older idiot told me they are all members of the ruling party and he represents the house and nobody will sign anything. It means the spies saw where I go the last night and they took care that I don’t get signs. They follow me to prevent me to create political movement, but I will spend the money to travel to another country to get signs. And I will have to verify signs at the court or lawyer and I will have to pay for that too. The spies push me to spend money. It is the same about my health check, instead to get it from the state (doctor), I had to pay from my pocket. On Monday I visited doctor in my city and she wrote just that I have problems with food, she didn’t want to write the result from my health check (hiatus hernia, gastritis, etc). There are no information in my medical file about disease they found in Belgrade. I don’t believe it is accident that this doctor behave in that way, the spies take care that I don’t get medical help. Consequently I must spend money if I need anything related to my health. Now I must decide to which country to travel to get signs for my NGO, I will have to stay there one week, to pay accommodation, food, lawyer or even translator, etc. I can travel to any country which is not the EU: Bosnia, Macedonia, Turkey, Russia, Asia, Africa, etc. By the way, criminals and spies follow me together, it means, spies removed cops, to be able to misuse criminals against me. I prepared myself, criminals will finish bad.