Spies continue with intimidation with the aim to produce attack, I will have to contact EU deputies again and again

On Saturday 13 July 2019, spies continued to misuse children in all places I visited, including shopping mall Ada. They continue with intimidation because I am trying to make political NGO and because they kiss the CIA in the ass, they do everything the CIA tells them to do. It means they will do what Danish spies did: they visited all places I visited and turned people against me, to produce conflict and attack. They try to irritate me to produce attack i.e. criminal case against me. For the same purpose they send cops every time I go into some food store, they misuse criminals and cops against the opposition.

For the same aim of intimidation, they produce home problems like dissapearance of my t-shirt, medicaments in my wardrobe, or unlocked door when I come back home, so, they can visit house owner and produce problems between me and house owner or between me and the man who lives in the same house, although he helps them to do it. Possibly he is one more sissy criminal who works for spies, he will help them to produce intimidation, so I can’t live normally, I should get more nervous and attack somebody. They produce attack. For that reason, they also started to turn people against me in the library. They will do it in all places I visit (to kiss the CIA in the ass).

So, yesterday, spies misused female children and when I came home, my room was not locked. Of course, I never leave my room unlocked because I must also lock the gate and every time I go out, I check if keys are in my pocket, then I lock my room and the gate. But the purpose of such problems is to create intimidation and problems between me and other people in the house, to push me to relocate million times.

Although I would be happy to find another flat considering the owner and his wife work in state departments (police and border), it means they are privileged people, they are not from working class families, they can also do what spies or police tell them to do. That’s not good environment for me, I am not from privileged family and I am target of smugglers and killers who work in state departments (9th department of BIA) who sell Serbia to the CIA to gain some profit/benefits for themselves. Spies are first to change side and sell their country to the foreign power, to legalize profit they made in the time of Milosevic and later. That’s how they survive changes of the government, the Gov is new, but spies are old. Now spies misuse media to welcome Makron, to help to Vučić to kiss Makron in the ass and get his support to be ruler in Serbia, beside Theresa May, Makron is the main in Europe for keeping Kosovo out of Serbia. For spies who are in fact criminals, it is more important to kiss Makron in the ass then to care about teritorial integrity of Serbia, they work for Vučić and Vučić kiss Makron in the ass, consequently, their media glorify this visit of Makron as the honor for Serbia. There is no end of their selling Serbia for their personal profit.

In any case, before several days I informed McAllister and several more EU deputies that Vučić doesn’t care for his critics of autocracy in Serbia (that produces migration of Serbs toward West Europe) and Vučić continues to build autocracy in Serbia: he misused the police to make political repression against Djilas, he misused the police and judge to arrest and sentence a man who organized protest in 2016, he misused spies to use their cocaine criminals against me and to try to set me up sexual scandal because I try to make political NGO. 2-3 days later, McAllister criticized Serbian government one more time. Despite of that, these days spies continue to produce problems for the opposition, I will wait some period then I will inform McAllister one more time. Vučić will get damage and not benefits for misusing spies against the opposition. I will take care about it.