Shameless British spies helped to the politicians and billionaires to manufacture terrorism and implement a totalitarian state, Danish spies are trying the same, photos of Danish Nazi military spies

Shameless British spies helped to the CIA that manages military industry to manufacture terrorism today in London, the same thing they wanted to do in Copenhagen: People are seen lying injured on the road on Westminster Bridge near the Houses of Parliament in London on Wednesday. A police officer has been stabbed and his attacker shot. The attacker mowed down several pedestrians as he drove a grey Hyundai i40 across Westminster Bridge before crashing it into railings then running through the gates of the Palace of Westminster and stabbing the officer. The hospital confirmed at least one woman had died. Now the crowd of British dirty spies are employed to produce terror and paranoia in the media and social network, to justify implementing bigger repression against the whole society. That’s why they produced this terrorist attack.

London attack 22 March 2017

The last evening, Tuesday 21st March, the PET and the CIA Nazis wanted to produce similar attack like today in London. They sent their fake Muslims to follow me. This Wednesday morning Lars Johan Findsen sent military spies beside the house I sleep and one pig woke me up. Therefore, today, I sent addresses of Danish and Serbian politicians to some freedom fighters. Afternoon, I went out to buy food and I saw they set me up teen girls (to use criminals against me in the prison), therefore, I will continue to send addresses of politicians.

This morning, Lars Johan Findsen sent the crowd of spies beside Skredderholmen bridge, just this time, he sent and collaborators of the FE-DDIS, to mix them with spies who work in FE-DDIS. For me, it is the same, in the case of the war, collaborators of spies also participate in spying, not only spies. Therefore, I recorded them this morning, I don’t care who is getting salary from FE-DDIS and who is just helping them to get some privileges. They are bunch of morons that manufacture terrorism and in the case of the war, they spy those whom they dream to rob. Before 20 years they spied Serbs, in 2018, they will spy Russians.

Here are pictrues and videos 21-22 March 2017.