Serbian spies continue to sell Serbia to Americans, Assange got one year of prison, Maduro is not fighting with the main problem than with protesters

Last several days Serbian spies intensified kissing the CIA in the ass. They set me up the cops, the same as Danish spies (by the order of the CIA), but let’s see if they have balls to make problem between Putin and Kim as Danish spies did it. They also used collaborators in all places I visited, to intimidate me: cleaning woman in the national library, workers in foodstore shopngo, etc.
Crazy CIA monkeys brought Polish spy from Copenhagen to Belgrade to sit in the National Library when I am there. Her job is to pretend to be Russian, to make confusion for me, Polish spies speak Russian. I think she spoke Polish in Hugs & Food restaurant in Copenhagen, she stopped to pretend to be Russian. Now she came to Belgrade, that’s how much Polish spies are corrupted by the CIA. The CIA drink whiskey while their corrupted morons do the job for them: Romanians, Polish, Estonians, Japanese, South Koreans, etc.

The last night Serbian spies sent junkies to destroy everything in the building where I sleep, they threw my matrass in the dust too. Spies provoke me at every step to push me to attack, so, they could arrest me for something. If keeping me poor didn’t help them to produce criminal act and case against me, they send their idiots to do shit. Bratislav Gasic and Vucic produce crimins act i.e. case to kiss the CIA in the ass. We will see if Putin will get problem if I am arrested, and finally do something against Serbian president. If Putin doesn’t get problem, I will finish bad. Serbian spies and the CIA will put me forever in the prison.

Crazy American billionaires and their CIA continue with activities against:
Maduro, to exploit Venezuelan oil, and against Jullian Assange. British judge showed to the whole world how much is justice system under control of British colinial ruling class and their secret service, and how much all of them are corrupted by the CIA and American military industry (Lockheed Martin and similar). Julian is sentenced to one year of prison, and surely they will use criminals against him in the prisin, drug criminals always work for the secret service, and they will use prison guards tu bully him and to poison his food. That’s what they did to me in Copenhagen and to many Serbs who were sentenced by the Hague tribunal (Biljana Plavsic was attacked in the prison and Karadzic is next, some other got tumors and heart attacks), now they will do the same activities against Julian.

Maduro repeats mistakes done by previous leaders attacked by the USA. He is fighting in domestic terrain instead to send soldiers to the USA as civilians to solve Venezuelan problem with Goldman Sachs. Maduro also sent the police against protesters instead to solve the main problem: Guaido, the CIA, Goldman Sachs. He also made mistake by letting by the CIA corrupted embassies to operate in Venezuela: Chilean embassy, Brasilian, etc. All of them organize activities against Venezuela, for the bill of the CIA, the same like Romanian and Polish in Europe… Here is Polish spy who sell her country to the CIA.