Serbian president and PM continue to build autocratic system and their spies continue to misuse criminals and police against the opposition

Serbian spies continue to inform cocaine criminals about my internet activities, their sissy criminals followed me on Sunday.
On Saturday spies misused children again, they sent their collaborators with children to try to set me up, I saw children are afraid of me when they look at me. Spies continue to make propaganda against opposition and they convince their children that opposition is bad, I will have to inform Macalister about it considering Brnabić didn’t stop spies to misuse children against the opposition.

Beside it, Serbian president and PM continue building of autocratic system. One organizer of protest got invitation for the prison, he didn’t pay fine/punishment for organizing protest against the president, the minister of police started investigation against Djilas, opposition, although Djilas is tycoon and surely is not innocent, but they make investigation against him just because he mix himself in politics, in other case, they would not investigate him. They misuse police for political repression. Djilas is trying to get system on his side, he is not anything better than Serbian president, Djilas doesn’t want really to change the system, he is part of it, he just wants to get highest positions to make himself richer.

In any case, Vučić will fall down after Europe/USA doesn’t need him any more, it means, after he signs what he promised them about Kosovo.