Sebian spies continue to participate in colonization of Serbia, in selling Serbs to the CIA

Today Serbian spies again miused forensic idiot to prolong my court case, he didn’t come, that’s 7 months he didn’t come despite of the invlite/call from the judge. My lawyer sent an exchange, another laywer, I thought he will not come, but he behave correct. It looks he wants to stay clean from spies and their shit. I have court session again on 2nd July.

Today spies sent corwd of morons to follow me, their criminal snitches and ordinary snitches, so, i recorded some of them and I visited school of daughter of Serbian president. Soon they will have holiday and now surrounding of the shcool is full with mosquitos, so, it is not possible to sit there except if I buy some spray for skin, against mosquitos. In any case, children of thieves who robbed our society are also target of mosquitos. Rudjer Boskovic school is beside park Kosutnjak, so, this region is full of mosquitos. In any case, spies continued to kiss the CIA in the ass, they sent crowd of morons to follow me, to irritate me, it means to make a threat from me. But if they arrest me, for example, somebody will loose money, so, I don’t think they will arrest me, they just want to make paranoia and justify repression. Today I was thinking about Jelena Milic, NATO corrupted bitch in Serbia, how many times she got invited by TV journalists and so many parties never got their place on TV, she just created NGO, and she was 100 times on TV, so, it is clear that Serbian spies misuse their journalists to give her space on TV, Serbian spies participate in colonization of Serbia, together with Serbian president who makes military excercizes together with NATO. But his politics is not the reason for me to go beside school of her daughter than his selling our citizens, including me, to the CIA, and Bratislav Gasic concretely help him to kiss the CIA in the ass on my bill. Before or later, I will have to travel to Krusevac, to visit home and TV of Bratislav Gasic, financial criminal who became the head of Serbian spies.