Poisoning, driving cars on me, irritating me, shortening my sleep, all of that was done to produce the attack

Tuesday evening and today in the morning, I was followed again by fake Muslims, they are obviously sent by Finn Borch Andersen or by those ugly amateur spies that protect Prime Minister. It looks they are those who drove cars on me last 4 days. When I use the phone camera, they get a pain in the ass. I was also followed by police snitches last evening and today. Finn Andersen continues to misuse the police against immigrants.

One hour after midnight, they came with a car and a dog in the nature where I sleep, to shorten my sleeping. I had to go away and come back later. I started to sleep 2 a.m. If they didn’t remove themselves, I would have to go to Johanne, she is living near to me, to ring her bell or to use a stone against her windows. If immigrants can’t sleep in Denmark, why politicians should be able to sleep? She is just 1km from the place I sleep.

Tuesday, I left my food in the classroom in Dalgas Have when I go around to find bottles, and possibly they poisoned it. They followed me every meter. This morning I didn’t feel my penis, the same like in December.

I think Nazi spies do all this shit last 4 days because 8th March was coming and they wanted to irritate me to push me to attack the bitch from Rosenorns Alle. Then, in the prison, they can misuse criminals against me. Considering and FE-DDIS spies participate in that, it is clear that they took the money from Ane Maersk Uggla to send me to the prison, she knows if I just go out from DK, I can get a gun and come back. The spies also planned from the beginning to sacrifice the bitch from Rosenorns Alle, therefore, they sent criminals to be with her.

Poisoning my food with chemical castration pills (to change my mood and develop suicidal tendencies), driving cars on me, following me every meter to irritate me, shortening my sleeping, all of that was done to produce higher level of irritation at me, with the aim to push me to attack. That’s what they did to Omar El-Hussein, and to this girl in Kungby, just they could not infiltrate my life to convince me to shoot Jews, that’s the difference between my case and 2 other mentioned cases. They manufacture terrorism or murder, especially against Jews, with the help of poison, chemical castration pills, harassment, they misuse also the cops to harass their target. It is not so hard to poison and cheat young girl, she was arrested when she was 15, she didn’t have experience with people and with dirty Nazi spies. And they fabricated the news for media, in 2016, they said she made a test and she made explosive, but now after one year, they speak another story, she planned but didn’t do it. It is like that I say I will kill some women but never do it and they arrest me with the excuse I plan to do it. They misuse their job, to implement a totalitarian system, to militarize the cops, to make a profit and to order 7 billion Eur arms from Lockheed Martin and get 50M Eur in secret bank accounts in Monaco. Therefore, they manufacture terrorism. Johanne and Pernille took the money from the PET and let them to poison and harass immigrants. Nazi spies implemented “totalitarian life” to the Jews, after they convinced Omar to shoot them, Jews can’t live free in Denmark. That’s what they plan to do to the whole society. There will be more and more attacks in Denmark, manufactured by the Minister of Defense, the PM Rasmussen, Minister of Justice, heads of civilian and military secret services, politicians like Pernille that took the money from the secret service, and even by their cops and criminals. All of them have their roles in harassment and poisoning of refugees and immigrants i.e. in manufacturing terrorism.