March 14th, Lars Johan Findsen and Finn Borch Andersen are trying to produce terrorism or murder

This morning, March 14th, Lars Johan Findsen, moron with a dog face, maybe poodle, sent just 3 spies to Skredderholmen bridge, but he sent 20 around Sjellandsbroen (bridge). He misused also the crowd of cops to bully immigrants, to push us to attack Danish citizens, he will get the money from Ane Maersk Uggla and the CIA monkeys if I kill anyone i.e. if he keeps me in the prison. Finn Borch Andersen obviously participates with his spies also, mostly those fake Muslims and morons who “protect” the Prime Minister. Members of the Oversight, including Pernille Skipper, obviously decided to support spies to manufacture murder or terrorism, instead to push spies to bring back what they stole from me, they support corrupted spies and cops against immigrants. Of course, the only thing that makes them unhappy: I will not kill the Jews.

In any case, police spies and PET spies came like chicken on the plate again, so, I recorded them, Danish public should get information who are corrupted pigs that manufacture insecurity and death in Denmark.

The last evening, I went out from classroom to use the microwave in the canteen in Dalgas Have, there was one Jamaican bitch (CIA) on the ground floor and one more Danish snitch. Both saw me when I passed. When I came back to the classroom, I saw this guy going down from first floor to the basement, he had cap to hide his face from eventual camera. If he poisoned my bread or cola, which I left, it must be something to make me aggressive, to produce an attack. I didn’t drink cola, I emptied bottle in the sink, but I ate bread.

The last 2 nights the place of salvation army is full with police and PET snitches, I will have to report the cops to the control authority, they behave like Danish People Party and not like cops. It is not their job to overcrowd places for poor immigrants and to keep immigrants to sleep on the street, with a racist hope that immigrants will go out from Denmark. Immigrants will just attack women for money, to pay the hotel, they will not go anywhere. Racist cops produce criminality and victims are women. Here are records from March 14th, 2017 and one good document published by the Wikileaks about the CIA guide to their spies when they face questions at the airport (first and second screening).