I tried paragliding and found meds in my wardrobe which are not mine, screenshots of spies and their cops and criminals

On July 12th 2019 we traveled to Banka Koviljača, on the border with Bosnia, to fly with paraglider from the mountain Gučevo, 780m high. It was good I had time to adapt myself to the high place, I never visited mountains and I am afraid from the height since I worked in construction in 1994 and they gave me a job to pull up the beams from the ground to the 4th floor and I had to stand on the edge of the building (4th floor). Heavy beams could pull me down and I could die. Since then I am afraid from heigh places, Serbian construction companies don’t use machines to bring heavy things several floors up then we had to work with hands, to stand on the edge and to pull up heavy beams with rope and hands. Therefore, I don’t work in construction in Serbia.

I wanted to see if I can fly and I paid for one tandem flight. Of course, I was thinking, this is good sport, for spies to kill me, but if I buy new paraglider, wings can’t produce bad situation for me, I will fly low and only my mistake can bring me to risky situations, I will not go to mountains and risk very much. There are stable wings to buy and nothing can happen except in the case of sabotage.

3 more people came for tandem flight and it is good job to be instructor or tandem pilot, this pilot made 200 eur in 3 hours. One person 50 Eur and he had 4 tandem flights in one day. If somebody wants to get and school, it is much more expensive and instructors can make good money, Serbian law says that after getting pilot licence, you need 2-3 years flying experience to pass exam for instructor, then you can teach people and make good money. Therefore many instructors don’t publish prices on school websites, if they see you are richer, they will take more money from you, sell you more expensive wings and equipment, bring you to restaurants and hotels and spend your money. The school has 2 parts, basic and advanced theoretical and practical parts, basic lectures are 7 days, it is not so expensive, but practical flying can be even one year long and they take good money from you. If you stay 3 days in Kopaonik or Zlatibor and other mountains, instructors have surely some deal with hotels to get some percentage, to bring them guests and so on. It is the same about selling paragliders and electronic equipment, instructors make good money. The state also finance them to travel abroad for competitions. I could see something new in my life, although it is more talk, like a lawyer who wants to convince you you pay for something good, they try to make it “extreme sport”, very exciting, to take money from the rich people who are full of money and don’t work anything, they exploit others. Majority of people who fly are higher class, the law also secured business for paragliding schools, you can’t pass exams if you don’t have some amount of registered hours of flight from licenced instructor. Your teacher must write how many hours you fly and he must be licenced teacher, in that way, a guy who came there and fly already 5 years, can’t become instructor even he knows everything about flying for beginners, he can teach people, but he has no money, he doesn’t have money to pass exam, to buy new wings for himself and what to say about wings and equipment for tandem flight, wings and seats for tandem flight cost 4000 eur. The law makers secured that paragliding stays sport for higher class and only people from the higher class can become instructors and make money and participate in competition and represent Serbia in this type of sport. Sad story as everything else in Serbia, privileged people represent Serbia in sport, they are not from the working class. Privileged people also work for the secret service and it is not environment for me. I would get conflict with them or they can put something in my drink in my bag while I fly, etc. You must bring water and food when you go in the nature. I could pass first part of the school, buy wings, and fly for myself, without privileged people, but I would have to buy a car to bring equipment to the hills or mountains. I would have to wait for cryptocurrencies to jump up, to pay the school and buy equipment, in that way I can save the money. It looks I will have to pay for car driving licence, medical check cost 100 eur and it is also necessary for paragliding school.

When we started to run to fly, we hardly succeeded, I had to run fast and wing and wind stopped me, but we succeeded to get up from the ground and started to fly. During the flight I was not so much afraid as i thought I will be. It was 780 meters high and when i watch far awar in front of me, I had no fear, when I watched below me, I had fear but not too much. I told him not to fly left and right too fast, then slow and steady, to adapt myself to the height, it is the first time. He flied very stable, it was totally okay for me and I was happy. We fell down on the butt, and the seat was very good, no pain.

I am interested to learn to fly but I must wait for cryptocoin to increase its value, in that way, I don’t stay without money. I think in one or two weeks, it will increase its value before it falls down again. I will have to hit the right moment to sell it and to buy it again when the value falls down. The last time, it fell 15 minutes after I bought it, and it fell 25%. I could profit 25% if I didn’t buy it in that moment. In any case, the exchanges/websites are financed by the rich morons, and they have software or people to buy and sell, to make fake demand and they can change the value, considering they have 100 milllion bucks invested in crypto, they profit 25% when their morons stops to demand crypto and the value falls down. It is set up, wall street morons invested money in making exchanges/websites where people buy and sell cryptocurrencies. In 45 minutes the value fell down 25%, it means, they profit 25 million dollars. But they need time to push people to sell their coins, so, they keep low price several weeks, then people sell it, rich morons buy it, and then again they demand coins and increase its value, then they sell it again and push the price down. They use bots, human or software, to control the value of coins. Therefore, they invested money in creation of crypto-exchanges.

For the end, just to publish and one strange thing that happened. This morning, after one day in the nature, I wanted to take Flobian medicament (for bowel) from my wardrobe, I keep my medicaments there, and I took one package that looks the same as Flobian but I saw it is destroyed and meds are almost out, so, it was strange to me, I checked what is written, and I saw it is not mine, it is written Oligovit, supplement for nutrition, but the package is destroyed and who knows is it really oligovit or something else in the package. One possibility is that somebody was in my room while i was in the nature, and placed this shit in my wardrobe, the second possibility is that somebody used my backpack/bag in the nature to put this inside. My backpack was not with me only when I was flying and I don’t think somebody mixed my bag for his bag and placed meds inside accidently. People know what is my bag and what is their bag. In theory I could take all meds from my backpack and put in the wardrobe the last night when I came back, but I don’t remember if I took any meds last night from my backpack. It is strange case and spies could be mixed in such shit. As I said, even pilots are from the higher class and surely connected with spies, if I go with them in the nature, I could get my drinks posioned with some shit to make me crazy or dead. When you report spies to the police or to the media, they try to represent you as crazy and they can put some meds to make you really crazy. I made picture of this package and screenshots of spies and their cops and criminals in July 2019. Here are and some more photos, video clips from the nature.