I sent emails to make revenge for everything they did against me until now

Thursday morning, 23rd March, Lars Johan Findsen sent again the crowd of spies to the Skrederrholmen bridge, to irritate me, to push me to hate Danes and to kill some of them. The CIA monkeys followed me too. They tried also to occupy all empty classrooms with students. Afternoon I sent emails to make revenge for everything they did against me until now.

Today, Friday morning, Lars Findsen sent snitch to the house I sleep to wake me up 8:20 and he sent 3-4 spies around the bridge and later several more in the public transport. They continue to provoke me.

The last 2-3 days the PET agents still misuse the police and their snitches to organize racism and repression against immigrants at the CBS. One older fat Slovakian is coming often looking like a homeless, he has a place to live, he paid for a room 16 000 dkk in advance, he is a snitch, and they still send Croat or Bulgarian Kristo (Kristofer) to come with a lot of bags, looking like a homeless. The same as Slovakian, he was never homeless, he is a snitch that helps to racists against immigrants. Obviously Flemming Dreier is organizing all that shit, including infiltration of the library (PET librarians), I will have to check the next days if they organize harassment of immigrants (usage of PCs) and if they send security personal to the library to spy or to harass immigrants, if they do it, I will have to make revenge and send emails to the more people.

To organize racism and to harass immigrants, they send fake homeless who are working for the PET racist police, for the same reason they infiltrate library and university. To do all of that, they had to bribe Pernille Skipper and other fascists who got a job to control PET. Racism is organized by the secret service agents, it is not some individual case, it is systematical repression and the supply of rich people with cheap slaves (workers without rights).

Btw, my body is still under influence of chemical castration. The last evening I had small problem with my heart and today I had pain in my chest.


Kristo, speaks Bulgarian and Croatian, coming to help to racists against immigrants, see big bag, he could keep it in the locker