Finally I found what are my diseases, spies continue the same as before to sell serbia to the USA

Well, after 6th June My Blog was down for some period, now it is live again. I was trying to install some python/django app, therefore, it was down.

Of course, spies and their sissy criminals misused it to intensify intimidation, to follow me every meter, to provoke me to attack somebody, I could not publish what they do. They repeat the same thing from the past, spies continue to sell Serbia to Americans, they send their collaborators and agents to follow me with scooters and they send their criminals with bigger motorcycles and cars. Their criminals use and public transport to follow me, but now I sent my phone number to the cop who gave testimony against BIA agents that they killed journalist Slavko Curuvija, he is the only one in Serbia who spoke against spies. Other cops work for spies and surely many of them take money from cocaine, the cops help to spies, they follow me together with criminals, they turn my report against me, with the advice from the CIA.

The same thing spies did to Brankica Stankovic from TV serial Insajder, spies used leaders of hooligans to send her threats, then spies used their police to disturb her life, so, she could not do a journalist job any more. Now they repeat the same schema about me, they send their criminals and they send their cops. But I found one who is not under their control. So, sissy criminals will pay for working for political police against opposition.

The spies (BIA and CIA together) prevented me to make NGO, an association of citizens, Liberation Movement, I had to use people from abroad, Madagascar and Pakistan, but their signs need to be verified and I didn’t do it, so, I spent money for nothing, now my application for NGO is rejected and I must find other people. Spies produce expenses for me and they prevent me to get a job. They also want to stop me becoming a student, to get a degree, but they failed, considering the Faculty of Law accept 1400 students and 1277 applied to be students, it means, all candidates became students.

The spies also mixed themselves in my health checks, I was poisoned by Danish spies and the CIA, so, I had to check many things and spend money. When I did the MRI of my head in private clinic, I asked the radiologist if they make pictures of my ear, I think my ear is damaged, he told me “yes, they do it”, but when I got result after 5 days, they didn’t mention my ear, they made a report that everything is okay with my head, but nothing about ears. I sent them an email to check images for my ear, I never got an answer. They refuse to write that my ear is damaged, even it is a private clinic, I paid for health check.

Then I made MRI of my bowel at military hospital VMA which has the best doctors in Serbia, I thought my bowel is the problem, because I had pain under lung’s bones, there is a curve of bowel, bowel is going down in that place, and I had problem with fat, blood in stool, diarrhea, I was sick very easy and had pain around the heart, etc. I concluded I have symptoms of Chron’s disease, polyps, some bowel disease and my bowel refuse food. But after MRI check, they said everything is okay with my bowel. They used 3T Tesla machine, it is the best machine today, I thought maybe they are lazy to watch 1000 images, they wrote a report in one hour. Then the next week, I did an MRI of the abdomen, to find out where is the problem. Again, they said, everything is okay. No problem with pancreas, liver, kidneys, etc. It was good to check it because my father died from cancer of the pancreas and I thought Danish spies and the CIA misused history of diseases in my family to make me sick about it. They produced cancer on the liver for Seselj in Sheveningen and I thought maybe they did it to me too. They use food to kill Serbs in Sheveningen, they know that fat food produces a heart attack and they can damage the liver if they block production of enzimes for fat and sugar (liver and pancreas). But again, they said everything is okay after MRI of the abdomen and it was strange to me, I could not find out why I have pain in stomach since 1 october 2017. 3 months in 2018 I had pain all the time without stopping, when I came from Denmark to Serbia, 2 months I hardly walked how much I had pain in stomach. Serbian spies prevented me to get ID 45 days, to get a health card to be able to visit a doctor, now i finally have this card, but again, people must wait many months to get checked, so, they must pay from their pocket. That’s the health care system in Serbia, how much money you have, that’s how much you have a chance to find out what is your disease and to get treatment. We got African capitalism in Serbia because of criminal politicians. In any case, Danish doctors refused to give me health check and to help me, from October 2017 to August 2018. I told them I have pain in stomach under rib bone, but they didn’t care to do anything.

The only thing I could do after all this MRI was to do gastroscopy/endoscopy, to put a camera in my stomach, and finally it was successful. 2 July 2019, so many months since october 2017, almost 2 years, doctor finally found out that I have a disease called Hiatal Hernia (sliding type), Gastritis (inflammation of the lining of the stomach), and Esophagitis (inflammation of the esophagus, food pipe), they took examples for biopsy and I wait 2 weeks to get the results, and my (sphincter) muscle is not closed in the end of the esophagus (food pipe), therefore, I get acid from the stomack in my mouth and therefore acid produced inflammation of the esophagus, acid should not go out from the stomack. The esophagus is also the place where is sliding hiatal hernia, it means, my stomach comes inside of the lungs, my diaphragm is broken and therefore I had pain under the rib bone/lungs. I didn’t know before that stomach can go into lungs, but now I see that’s possible. Symptoms are abdominal pain, heartburn, a feeling of lack of air in the lungs, tiredness and so on. Tiredness is also a sign of cancer/tumor, so, I was happy when he told me I don’t have tumor then hiatal hernia. When you are a target of the CIA and their minions like Serbian spies, you can get and tumor.

Treatment for all these diseases is: to avoid eating 100 things, hard to do it, meds against acid in stomack, easy to do it, laparascopic surgery for hiatal hernia which means they must cut to come to the esophagus, they must pull down this part of stomach that comes into lungs, then the upper portion of the stomach is wrapped around the lower end of the esophagus, to support the sphincter muscle so that it will open only when it is supposed to (when I eat) and not allow stomach acid to push its way up into the esophagus. All this inflamations I mentioned can lead to the worse situation in the future: ulcers and cancer. If I don’t stop acid to come into food pipe, I will get ulcers and cancer of the esophagus. But surgery is surely expensive and without a job, no chance to get medical insurance to cover the surgery. And who should do the surgery? Serbian doctors who work for spies? Or some other doctors in another country which is the right hand of the CIA? Cuba is the only place I could make surgery, but I have no money for it. Although the doctor said it is not so big problem, no need for surgery, I am not so sure about it, last year I hardly walked how much I had pain. And this Sunday I had blood in the stool when I went to the toilet just because I ate choco buscuits.

In any case, every visit to the hospital make impression on me when I see people who are in front of death, sick, they have no future and they know they will die. Medical personal make fun and do their daily job, they can’t identify with dying people, patients are just numbers, every day people die in hospitals. Life is short and we must do what we need to do in accordance with our beliefs. People my age are already dying from disease, brother of my school friend died from the tumor and wife from another school friend died also from the tumor.

The good news was also that in the last 2 weeks, sissy criminals lost 16 tones of cocaine in the USA, they lost 2500kg amphetamine in Rotterdam and they are investigated in Denmark for 1650 kg cocaine. Yes, they are the same morons who worked for spies against me. Therefore, I am deported from Denmark. One year later, they can see they didn’t profit when they helped to Danish spies against me, they thought they would get privileges, but they lost money and some of them are arrested. I am happy of course.

Beside it, spies organized stealing of my t-shirt Galileo in my home, it is expensive like Armani and Hugo Boss, somebody exchanged my t-shirt for another one with the same color, so, I saw after some period that it is Russel Athletics and not Galileo. But maybe the former neighbours did it, maybe this new man. Today I saw my shoes Nike worth 200 eur with problems in 2 places, I must go to ask for reclamation. Maybe the new man in my flat did all of that, if criminals sent him to live together with me, he could use something hot to separate shows, to make glue weaker. It is strange that so expensive shoes suddenly got problems with glue in 2 places, after one month of using it.

It was sad and comic to watch choosing of the EU top politicians these days. People/Voters will be more against the EU after such fight for power. The CIA and NATO corrupted the EU, people who work for the CIA and American banks are getting the top EU positions these days: German minister of defence Ursula von der Leyen will be the president of the EU commission, she is 100% on the paid list of NATO and the US military industry, Christine Lagarde from the IMF will lead the European Central Bank, she will continue to work for the US bankers and she will set them up worthy EU companies, Belgian PM Charles Michel will take position of Frederica Mogherini, he will lead EU foreign affairs. He was not capable even to care about Belgium which is dissolving in several pieces. Danish deputy Vestager who hunted Google and Amazon and similar didn’t succeed to get position because she was in the past doing her job against Italian bankers and now Italian politicians showed how much they sell themselves for money, they refused Vestager, she would not represent the interest of Italian bankers. In any case, the EU voters will be more and more against such European Union. The EU like this will not last long. Brexit happened because voters believe that the EU institutions don’t represent the interest of ordinary people.