Danish spies want to impose machine gun system at the university, the CIA monkeys advise them

Today 9th March 2017, Danish Nazi spies sent 2 students to sit in a classroom beside mine, when I went out, they went out too.
I didn’t have so much food, so, I brought the food with me. Beside checking if I left the food, to poison it, he and his friend got a job to make paranoia and scare other students about me, to produce conflict between me and them and then I can attack someone who is not a spy but they made him hot to do shit to me, I suppose he also went to the worker to complain about my presense, and he warned one female student about me.
In any case, all traces stayed on his phone and serves of TDC/Telenor, he got instructions what to do. In the case I attack students, there will be traces of racism that is done to produce attacks at the university. Spies want to impose “machine gun system” at the university, the same as they did to Jews, therefore, they want to produce attacks at the university, the same as the CIA did in the US. They don’t want that students are free, they want to impose control, every word of students should be known to spies. In that way, there will be preventive actions if students want to protest against the government. And professors will lose their jobs if they speak against the gov. The university is a target of every secret service in this world. Educated people are first to fight for their rights and Danish government plan to abolish rights, to cut SU, and to make the science depending from the rich people, the same as the science depended from the church in the middle age.
Unfortunately, even Enhedslisten is participating in that when they let spies to harass immigrants. There are no true leftists in Denmark, they care only about money.

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