Danish spies continue with their Nazism, information about Serbian secret service financial criminals that help to Danish Nazi spies against Serbs and Serbia

The last evening, Saturday, Danish Nazi spies used cars again, to drive it behind my ass. Today, Sunday, they sent their Nazi students to sit in each classroom and in the one I chose, to get access to my food when I go to the toilet. Of course, I brought food with me all the time. Nazis from the Oversight of Intelligence are bribed and they let spies to poison immigrants.

Today I wanted to get more information about financial criminals and deviant lunatics working in the Serbian secret service, BIA. They are traitors who help to the western Nazis against Serbian citizens and they set up an international scandal to Russia in Montenegro. Although stories about Serbian spies are published in so-called tabloids, it doesn’t mean it is not the truth, simply, unofficial tabloids are the way to hide who is really behind such stories, people must save their ass when they publish information about spies. But tabloids can be also used by spies against spies, as Serbian tabloids say, there are 2-3 groups in conflict inside of the Serbian BIA, they set up affairs each to others. When they fight among themselves, people get the truth.

It is interesting that in the past, Rade Bulatović was the head of Serbian BIA, but before that he was an ambassador in Italy and when they traveled with a car “50 000 DM disappeared”. It means he stole it with his friends. In 2017, Rade is a Serbian ambassador in Ukraine. The head of Operations, Jovan Drobnjaković, personally drove a car and produced the traffic incident with one woman, officer of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Serbia, she was badly hurt (broken spine), she discovered the robbery of about half a million dollars in the Serbian Embassy in Washington. The car he used was an official car of Radmila Selaković (the head of logistics in BIA), spies of BIA reported to Jovan the route of the victim’s movement.

The former head of BIA, Nebojša Rodić brought Radmila Selaković to be the head of logistics.

Selaković and Zoran Stanić Zis are listing businessmen and politicians who made big money and spy them, blackmail them, or give information to competitors for compensation. Before the BIA, Selaković worked in a public enterprise, where she made a fraud. The Minister of Justice, Nikola Selaković, is her relative who protected her. She also worked at the Institute of Economic Studies that belongs to Danko Djunić and Aleksandar Vlahović. Her daughter is living in the USA, so, she can relocate there after stealing money from Serbs.

The special danger to the BIA represents the department dealing with “combating drug trafficking”. In the last decade, there are two clans, which are in conflict, but, to save their positions, they managed to make a peace. Now jointly they provide logistics to transport drugs through Serbia to Europe, through Croatia, Hungary and Romania. They distribute drugs to politicians and other public figures, they record them and blackmail them. They also sell information to the drug bosses. According to the Intelligence, ten employees of this department have homes in the United States and Switzerland.

The head of BIA is Aleksandar Djordjević, a former lawyer, he got such position from the godfather of the Prime Minister, Nikola Petrović, to help them to hide their financial criminality. He never worked in the secret service and has no experience, but his position helped him to make several million Eur. He worked also as a lawyer for the private company of Nikola Petrović. Djordjević brought his relative Mladen Nenadić to become Special Prosecutor for organized crime. Nikola, Djordjević, and the Prime Minister Aleksandar Vučić brought Igor Bečić to become the head of the Oversight of Intelligence, in Serbia they called it: the Security Services Control Committee. Igor Bečić is a classic story about Serbian politicians buying degrees and getting high positions in society. Igor Bečić was just a conductor on a bus in the city Vrbas. With a fake higher degree, Master of Industrial Management, he got higher positions in several companies, more than 2000 Eur salary per month, and even became a deputy in the parliament and in the end, the head of the Security Services Control Committee. He is also in the executive committee of the party of the Prime Minister. I suppose he is a spy, part of the BIA that are together with the PM corrupted by the CIA. The first slip of the tongue, Bečić made when he was a vice president of the parliament and he announced the president of Italy in the wrong way, “Giorgio Mortadella”, instead of Sergio Mattarella. He was also punched in his nose by a member of the Šešelj party in the parliament. Together with Aleksandar Vučić, Bečić participated in destroying the party of Šešelj, SRS, and created a new party, SNS, that’s the job of the CIA against Šešelj while they kept him in Sheveningen. The CIA destroyed SRS. Bečić owns a 6 room house (256 sqm) and a 3 room flat (78 sqm, Bulevar Oslobodjenja, Novi Sad). Vučić owns 1.3 million Eur property.

BIA Deputy Director Ivan Todorov will be the new president of the Olympic Committee. He started his career as the body guard of the wife of Milošević, Mira Marković. He is also connected with the leaders of hooligans that sell drugs. He gave to criminals official badges of the secret service, like that they are BIA employees. He wanted to overtake the drug business with the help of his criminals and to make security companies to secure clubs where criminal sell drugs. Todorov is the head of the security protection department, which controls the operation of BIA officials and all republican state bodies, including the police. This is a secret service inside of the BIA, which is responsible only to the head of the BIA. Todorov is maybe against Vučić.

Bojan Dimić is the head of the first department in BIA that deals with the protection from terrorism and the operation of foreign intelligence services, he is connected with Kosovo criminals. He is also from Pristina and with the help of Zvonko Veselinović, Dimić has excellent business with the Albanians from Kosovo.

The chief for Dimić is Jovan Drobnjaković, the head of Operations, his wife if working for the BIA in Brussels, Belgium, and his sister is Jovanka Petrović, the psychiatrist, the director of Special Psychiatric Hospital “St. Sorcerers”, located in the municipality of Novi Kneževac the far northeast of the Republic of Serbia. 300 people can be hospitalized there. What is the problem with that? Well, if you attack politicians, spies will say to the judge to send you to the mental hospital, not to the prison, and in the mental hospital, sister of the BIA spy can do a lot of things to you. But even if there are no attacks against politicians, mentally ill people are used by western pharma corporations to make experiments with the new medicament. She lays up hundreds of thousands of euros on the experiments conducted by the pharmaceutical companies in Serbia. The BIA implemented bugs and one camera in the hospital, they spied employees and several nurses and technicians lost jobs. Patients are peddled to sign both copies of contracts, together with a doctor, but patients don’t get to keep a copy, there is no proof they signed anything. They sign also they don’t get any compensation for the participation in the drug trials. The patient is given a capsule whose contents is not known to anyone. Young patients are told they get a new meds that will make them healthy. Patients are also threatened, they will be kicked out from the hospital if they don’t sign the contract. One time 3 people died in one month. People from medical corporations are visiting hospital to write information in their software and there are no traces about trials. Corporations pay doctors cars, flats, tourist traveling, visiting congress abroad. Some companies corrupt doctors to prescribe their meds, which are 10 times more expensive than cheaper meds, all of that is paid by the state for the patients, therefore, it is profitable for companies to finance/corrupt doctors.