Danish politicians and spies hope to get money from Lego and Maersk if they keep me imprisoned for a longer time, they want to sacrify Johanne Schmidt-Nielsen

And the last night, Friday evening March 10th 2017, Finn Borch Andersen, Pape Poulsen, Thomas Ahrenkiel and Claus Hjort Frederiksen, tried to produce criminal act or terrorism, concretely they tried to push me to go to attack Johanne Schmidt-Nielsen. Therefore, their spies did what is connected to her: disturbing my sleeping. They stole my sleeping bag and tent, and after that, they removed all spies, it means, I was free to go to attack. But, they sent and criminal cops to follow me with cars, to arrest me when I make an attack.

Therefore, instead to be impulsive, I decided to be smart. Beside their cops, they can set up and prison guard and a judge, so, they would have the time to drug me and kill me in the cell, and make a statement that I made suicide. There is the reason why they chose Friday to steal my tent and sleeping bag. They would have time until Monday to drug me and kill me.

And the criminals were informed, 2 pussy angels were in Fuglevangsvej around midnight, there was the car from the bitch from Rosenørns Alle.

I could conclude, Nazi spies and politicians wanted to produce the attack against Johanne or against the bitch from Rosenørns Alle. This weekend they can also bring their betjente at the CBS to try to produce an attack against students. Rich people (Maersk and now maybe even Lego) gave money to spies and politicians to keep me longer period in the prison. Nazi spies again scare rich people about me, to get money from them, to do shit to me. They are trying to make themselves important, to profit.

Today, Saturday, spies are even disappointed I didn’t attack anyone last night. Although I could buy another tent, I don’t care to do it, they can steal 100 tents.

Of course, today I will send emails to international journalists about all of this. Stealing my sleeping bag, trying to damage my health and trying to produce an attack against Johanne (deputy that criticized Goldman Sachs). Lars Løkke Rasmussen is a dirty Nazi pig who will send deputies to death, to get Dollars, Dollars, Dollars… and again… Dollars… Lunatic.