Danish Nazi spies produce traffic problems for me, Russian mole do the job for the CIA: to turn me against Russia

Federica Mogherini, the corrupted politician and the current High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs, got a nice welcome in Serbian parliament: 20 minutes shouting and banner against her and EU.

The CIA monkeys still destabilize Macedonia, with the help of Albanians and their dream about big Albania, they can produce war and conflict and sell arms.

It looks that Trump gave up from the fight with the CIA, but he will see they will not leave him in peace because he chose CIA/DOD spies to work in his team. They weakened his fight against them, but they will continue to sabotage him and to make propaganda against him and his family. Possibly they will try to kill him to produce a civil war and make a profit.

There is a temporary live stream of European Athletic Indoor competition:

Direct live stream link: http://rtsprivremeni.videostreaming.rs/player.php?play=1

The last 3 days I am followed all the time by Danish military spies, they dream to make revenge, and it looks they bribed the Oversight members to help them to hide poisoning of immigrants. One evening they tried to provoke with cars too.

The last evening, Thursday 2nd March, the Russian mole tried again to turn me to hate Russia, he sent traitors to follow me together with Danish Nazis, to give logistic support to Danish Nazi criminals. I was followed by Danish military spies every meter + Chinese, Russian, Serbian criminals and Danish Nazi criminals (pussy angels). All of them who make money from drugs and therefore they kiss Finn and Thomas in the ass on my bill, came the last night. Then and cops came and military spies disappeared. Obviously Chinese, Russians and Serbian traitors gave logistic support to Danish Nazi criminals against me.

Today, Friday 3rd March, I was again provoked by spies with cars. If they can’t use criminals against immigrants, they will produce traffic incident.

Thursday they used also people who organize seminars to remove bottles from Dalgas Have, but they removed from 2 classrooms, I took from 2 also. All together with Solbjerg Plads, I took 350 dkk. Today I took 150 dkk from Solbjerg Plads. I know that the Nazis get pain in the ass when immigrants get money, therefore, I must publish it.

They had the whole week the Case Competition at the CBS and I should collect every day 300 dkk but it doesn’t matter so much. Organizers collected all bottles (mostly red bull) except the last night. Today I wanted to see the finals of the Case Competition and it was bullshit. I listened representation of the first group of finalists, National University of Singapore, they just implemented business model of the LG to the Grundfos. The LG implemented spying shit and total control in their smart TVs and something similar this team made about Grundfos that produce pumps (16 million per year). This first team spoke about connecting Grundfos with another 4 suppliers in this type of industry and manage water system all over the world, with technology innovations, as I said, similar like in the case of LG TVs. The idea can be good to the CEO because they like to make philosophy about their business, they like to make their work as the art, although they are just privileged retards who use cocaine, order prostitutes and corrupt politicians and business partners. There are others who make the operational work of the company, the CEO corrupt and gets analyses from the secret service about the market and competitors, to know the future. In any case, students do some job for the CEO when they compete.

I didn’t stay to listen other teams because I am personally against any global/corporate control of the water supply, it can be misused for political gains, American company can blackmail a government in Africa and produce protest if the Gov is against American politics. Water and energy are national interest and only local companies should be allowed to control water and energy supply for residents and for companies. The McGill University was the second team in the finals and the third team was The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

In any case, considering Denmark is a village pig country, they even export sick meat, I read one time what they produce. Serbia could produce all this shit but … politicians just steal money and they don’t care. Denmark shipped US$94.2 billion worth of goods around the globe in 2016, down by -11.2% since 2012.
1. Machinery: US$12.8 billion (13.6% of total exports)
2. Pharmaceuticals: $12.5 billion (13.3%)
3. Electronic equipment: $8.8 billion (9.4%)
4. Mineral fuels including oil: $4 billion (4.2%)
5. Medical, technical equipment: $3.9 billion (4.2%)
6. Meat: $3.6 billion (3.9%)

There was and protest in Copenhagen on March 1st, marking 10 years since the attack of the politicians against leftists, capitalist hegemony, they destroy everything what is not producing consumerism and wealth to the rich people. Liberal fascist Social Democrats kissed secret service and billionaires in the ass and sent police to destroy the Youth House “Ungdomhuset”, so-called squat, in Jagtvej 69. Anti-terrorist cops used machine to destroy the wall, they didn’t care if people slept in the room beside the wall, they come down from a helicopter on the roof and through this hole in the wall, they came into the house. They beat people and arrested some of them who slept inside. The company that gave trucks to the cops was attacked later with molotovs, their trucks were burned in 2007, now 10 years later, leftists made a protest and they used stones against the cops. Enhedslisten politicians who are bribed by the secret service gave a statement to the media against militant leftists, so, one more time, it was visible who are bribed politicians. All those interviewed by the media. If they are soooo honest, they should report themselves and be arrested for taking the bribe from the secret service.