Danish Nazi spies continue to steal the money from the budget and to spread disease among immigrant population

The main thing today, Saturday, is that spies followed me on my way to the beach and they sent the worker to lock shower when I finished jogging. The daylight is until 10pm, there is no reason to lock shower 6 p.m., the toilets were not locked, and people were still in the sea when I wanted to take the shower. When they locked shower for me, they damaged other people too. Other showers were also locked because of over-commercialization of the beach, ice-cream business place their chairs in showers and when they lock 6 p.m., they also lock showers. I made photos, it is an example of usurpation of the public property by the business that possibly corrupted somebody in municipality. They make unnecessary expenses for the budget of municipality: beside workers that care about the park and beach and garbage, they brought a security company for fucking toilets. Somebody stole some shit or piss? The shower they locked is surrounded with 5 toilets and each has a lock that cost 500 dkk (70 eur), beside it, toilets are surrounded with 3 wood doors with locks. It is about 10 locks and they spent only for locks 5000 dkk (700 Eur) + security + worker with a moped is coming to clean this toilets. That worker also was sent to lock it when I finished with jogging, I saw the moped, but didn’t see if it was the man or woman.

So, today I was followed by 20 spies several hours, they stole surely 10 000 dkk from the budget in one afternoon, the result: they prevented an immigrant to take a shower after jogging, i.e. they can develop skin disease among immigrants.

What they do to me, they do the same to many other immigrants. Romanians working for the police overcrowded homeless shelters and daily places, so, true homeless can’t take the shower, one place accept only 10 people for shower & another place only 5. And there are hundreds of homeless. Now it is summer, many Romanian Roma collect bottles and they are sweating, bringing bags full with bottles is the same as doing body building, they should take a shower every day, in other case, they can get some skin disease. I drive bike and sleep under tent, therefore, I should take a shower every day, but they send their snitches to prevent me to do it. They sent their snitch worker 2 times at the life science when I come to take a shower in the basement, manual worker is there 10am to take a shower and there is no logic for that, they start to clean 7am and finish 3 pm, and one time he followed me, so, it was clear that he was there to suck dick of spies, to prevent me to take a shower. I was going there 4 times in the last 2 weeks and spies saw I go there. In any case, they continue to damage the health of immigrants, after they corrupted members of the oversight of intelligence. They do it many years, not only one time, Romanians who work for the police overcrowd places for homeless already 2 years.

Beside me problems, French and German societies have the problem with spies. The spies made a bigger control of passengers at the airport in Paris today, to make paranoia about terrorism and convince society that repression is necessary, even if there is no terrorist case, they scare people. German spies also made the fake terrorist warning during Rock Am Ring festival, 90 000 people had to evacuate and concert was canceled for that evening (Rammstein should play on Friday but it was canceled). 3 men are arrested and set free, it was fake arrest and fake warning. Again, with the aim to scare people, to justify repression and the presence of the police, they also wanted to make one test: how much effective and fast they can evacuate almost 100 000 people. They were not happy with the result of their test.