Danish deviant racist hunger games

Danish Nazi spies disappeared this morning, but afternoon they came back. I don’t care so much, they are around 9 years in any case, the problem is that they poisoned me last weeks and today from the morning I have the tiredness in my muscle. Again, I have problem to go one floor up with the stairs. Nazi politicians let Nazi spies to poison immigrants, the Russian mole gave them time to do it, Serbian traitors helped to the Nazis too.

This morning I recorded snitches of security in the Frederiksberg shopping mall, they sit beside cloths and watch around. Amateurs participate in racism against immigrants, mostly against refugees that don’t get a normal life in Denmark and consequently they steal clothes. Racism produce criminality and racists organize security companies to hunt immigrants. Although and Danish citizens born in an immigrant family that doesn’t work for the secret service are discriminated and have very small chances to get a job i.e. they become criminals. Therefore, I recorded pigs, they are not good pigs, they are part of Danish deviant racist politics.

Danish politicians are lunatics, together with rich people that finance them in order to get a cheap labor. Pernille, Johanne, Søren, and other leftist politicians that are bribed by Nazi spies are also lunatics who support Danish racist hunger games i.e. they help to racists to hide from the society what they do. Jennifer Lawrence should come to Denmark to fight against deviant lunatics. Here are old minions that participate in such games, possibly they get one ice-cream or choco-milk, the rest is stolen by financial criminals, managers: