3 days after I registered NGO, Serbian spies started media propaganda against me

Well, instead to read books for faculty of law in the library, I must sit and write this article and write to the EU deputies about repression of Serbian speis against me 3 days after I registered an NGO (association of citizens, political movement): Oslobodilacki pokret.
Spies continue to forbid to Serbs to practice constitutional right to associate with other citizens, to fight against the government, if you become opposition, they make repression against you.

As always, this morning I read news, naslovi.net, and I had what to see, my name was there in the sense I make threats I will attack daughter of the president. Serbian spies misused Srpski Telegraf, RTV and Kurir to make propaganda against me: “I am drug dealer, thief, I write emails to the police I follow and will attack daughter of Serbian president, etc.” Spies make media propaganda to prepare society for repression, to get consent of society for repression, and to represent me as crazy, so, people should not give a vote for me. Spies started with this just 3 days after APR approved my application for NGO, and several days after opposition finally sarted to speak against Serbian secret service, until now they spoke always “the media of the president” but now they started to speak that spies misuse journalists and editors against the opposition, spies follow opposition and Vuk Jeremic published photo of spies that follow opposition. Spies became crazy because I oush opposition longer perio to start to speak against spies and not only against Vucic, but first of all they make repression against me because I made NGO. Of course, the CIA and Serbian spies sent their morons to speak with me, maybe this is ordered by the CIA and Serbian spies just kiss them in the ass. I don’t know who initiated this but it is someone in the secret service who is good for NATO and american military industry, so-called deep state.

Srspki Telegraf newspaper
ALO newspaper
Kurir newspaper

Now I must hurry up to pay university fee, 500 eur, so, I can pass exams in January 2020, I must copy some book, to read it if I am arrested, I don’t care if I am in the prison if I can read books for faculty of law. Usually dissidents get more popular when they are under repression, so, it is clear they try to represent me as crazy in order to convince people that they should not vote for me.

I wrote emails to the police before 2-3 months, and spies make propaganda and repression 1 August, 3 days after approval of registration of NGO. In emails I wrote that spies provoke me to radicalize me in order to create a threat from me, and as a result of their proovcations I will follow daughter of the president, if spies don’t organize activities against me, I have no reason to follow anyone or to attack anyone. In any case, I will see how prosecutor will prove that I followed daughter of the president, her gandarmes brought her in place where I was in the movie, statist/crew, I never followed her around. My emails don’t contain threat than warning what I can do if spies don’t stop to send their idiots to provoke me on streets and all places I visit.

In any case, yesterday I said to one moron if the USA has military base in Kosovo, Russia should have it in Serbia, I said it just to fuck him in his head because it is possible that he is an idiot who work for the CIA, I am not in politics to really decide anything about military bases, but the CIA is crazy against Russia and maybe therefore the CIA decided to misuse Serbian spies to make repression against me.

In any case, on the one side, Serbian spies hate me 20 years, on the other side, they misuse my case to kiss the CIA in the ass and help to Vucic to get “points/credit” at Americans. But I am not so important that Vucic get help from the USA to rule whole his life in Serbia. So, they will not really profit from repression against me, they just do shit like that I am the biggest opponent of Vucic (for elections, hahaha). Serbian spies are simply criminal idiots, they should sit in the prison for the murder of Slavko Curuvija, 30 of them participated in murder. Statut of my NGO, Liberation Movement, includes such things, still I din’t buy domain, I wait to make a stamp and bank account: https://ospok.sasapredic.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/Statut.doc