Welcome to my personal Blog. The same as other people, I like to have blog where I can publish my opinions and standpoints. Opinion can be changed during the time. That’s evolution. Human beings should analyze themselves and everything around us and make some conclusions. We are trying also to have influence on other people in order to create some changes with the aim to live in society as we need it.

During the time, my blog became something like an archive of activities of spies against me, so, society should know what spies are doing, their methods of work and why spies hide from society what they do. Shortly, they bully immigrants and Muslims in the west Europe, or individuals in Serbia, with the aim to radicalize them and make a threat from them, to arrest them with the aim to misuse such cases to abolish civil rights, to make bigger power for the secret service (what was illegal, now it is legal for them) and to get more money from the state budget for the secret service. That’s not only my story, the same story is told by Julian Assange, Glenn Greenawald, and many other people who fight for civil rights against the NSA/CIA. The FBI and the CIA manufacture terrorist cases to make themselves rich, to steal the money from society, I say: spies do the same in Denmark and Serbia, Danish PM Rasmussen and his spies copy racist USA policies into Denmark (against immigrants and Muslims), Serbian spies also make business from insecurity and terrorism, they learn from the CIA.

This new Blog started to work on November 25th, 2016. My Old Blog is here: https://oldblog.sasapredic.com